Casa Sol de Occidente


Planning and construction



Costa Careyes, México. A dream of the founder of Careyes, Italian visionary Jean Franco Brignone (deceased), in collaboration with architect Jean Claude Galibert.

An exciting challenge to have built this dream house where artists and celebrities from all over the world have gathered.

It is part of the duet; Casa Sol de Occidente and Casa Sol de Oriente. Both, built on the top of two hills in the bay of Carellitos.

Casa Sol de Occidente proposes the idea of a sun – (this being the main house), embraced by the moon (pool), with a water surface of 990 m². Its majestic spaces, terraces and views to the Pacific Ocean, invite you to meditate in each of its environments and enjoy a feeling where the sun and the wind invite you to let yourself be embraced.

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