Our services are distinguished by adaptation
to the specific requirements of our Client,
with personalized attention that involves
their wishes and needs:

comprehensive and optimized advice on architectural projects

Ceiba Inmobiliaria Servicios de Asesoría

Our team offers advice at all stages of the project, from choosing a piece of land, to carrying out the orderly administration with each contractor. Going through intermediate processes of: Project development and engineering, offering different alternatives in construction systems optimizing the project, proposing costs and solutions appropriate to each need, as well as implementing automation systems.

architectural projects
and interior design

Ceiba Inmobiliaria Servicios de Proyección arquitectónica

The needs of the client are the main premise when developing a project. To do this, we understand your requirements and propose through more human spaces, functional solutions, harmonious, sober and efficient spaces, with a simple and contemporary style, always taking into account the most appropriate materials and finishes for each site.


Ceiba Inmobiliaria Servicios de construcción

Ceiba Real Estate offers you personalized attention. Our objective is the due compliance with costs and work schedules, in addition to the full satisfaction of those who inhabit their new space, through the care of every detail and its proper functioning.

Our contracting schemes are adapted to the needs of each project, these being: unit prices, fixed price, maximum guaranteed price or by administration. All of them under a “key on hand” scheme.

project management

Ceiba Inmobiliaria Servicios de Dirección de proyecto

We collaborate with developers in the construction of real estate complexes, assuming the direction of the project and the works, forming teams of experts that result in a functional space and respecting every detail of the client.

“Good architecture lets nature in.”

– Mario Pei

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